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What is an Incubator?

  • Performing Arts Incubator (PAi) is an online platform and incubation program that empowers artists to implement their business and artistic ideas to create a new source of income.

    PAi addresses entrepreneurially-minded artists seeking coaching in a creative environment of the arts to incubate their ideas and develop their future or already existing art projects or startups. 

  • PAi guides PERFORMING ARTISTS gathering the most ambitious like-minded, driven, innovative artists from the Industry: Music, Opera, Dance, Drama, Magic, Oratory, and Circus Arts.

    PAi aims for creative thinkers, out-of-the-box minds, like dancers, musicians, actors, choreographers, singers, poets, performance artists, circus acrobats, and every single performer that needs a stage to reach an audience.

  • Online.


    Nowadays, global pandemic forced everyone around the planet to stay safe at home. Thanks to technology PAi can reach performing artists in any part of the world. 

    Performing arts is one of the most impacted industries. Show, concerts and public events were the first to be closed and will be the latter to be open again. Artists need support to pivot and develop their projects to create wealth.

  • Through PAi Online Incubation Program. 

    We simplified the rollercoaster of building a personal new business for early-stage artists through one-on-one mentorship and peer support.

    Over the course of the incubation program, the artist works through 8 interactive tools to develop a business plan. The goal is to shape the right mindset and an actionable project to produce a new source of income through an online consultation and the support of your dedicated mentor.

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