Everything begins

with an idea

Is the Quantum Leap for me?

You've been making money all your life. You know how it's done. But now, the circumstances have changed and you need extra income. But you've decided to keep doing what you LOVE and use your skills and experience.

Then... The Quantum Leap is for you. 

PAi supports early-stage artists/entrepreneurs that either have a solid idea or they’re passionate about creating a personal business based on their abilities.

All you need is 2 hours per week, a great internet connection and an even better attitude.

In your first FREE CONSULTATION, your personal mentor will walk you through the entire process of our incubation program to help you develop your project and you will talk about the time and effort needed to invest and the results and benefits you could expect from it.

The 8 tools

Mentorship is the cornerstone of our unique online incubation program.


Your personal mentor helps you to conceive a unique service or product that NO ONE BUT YOU can offer and to define the right pricing strategy for it.


Your mentor walks right by your side throughout the 3 months program.

  • Meet weekly via video conference or call

  • Bounce ideas around and challenge your assumptions

  • Get guidance to conceive a new personal business

  • Produce a comprehensive business plan throughout the 8 tools.

What you get

At the end of the program, you will have a solid business project to pitch your idea to investors, to present it for applying to get a grant or be ready to team up and start your business yourself.