The secret of getting ahead

is getting started

I never talk about money...

I am an Artist!

That is the first paradigm you have to break in order to create a new source of income. 

Basically, this adventure is related almost entirely with a profound change of perspective that takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges your belief system and pushes you towards learning new things.

The huge difference in this case is that you will have the support and guidance of a one-to-one mentor. 

This mentorship is created by hybrid professionals coming not only from the business world but from the artistic and creative world too. 

PAi's online incubation program and the unique method of the 8 tools help artist to evolve gently and effortless. 

You only have to commit yourself to never quit and persevere until reaching the end of the process. 

Let's take a look at the 8 steps of our program.

The 8 Tools

Learn about the steps included in PAi's Online Incubation Program

  • 01

    Value Proposition

    Create a new personal business idea for an extra income based on your skills and match it with your target customer and their needs. Explore opportunities, and identify the right value proposition for each segment.

  • 02

    Market Map

    Define and research your competitors, discover your strengths and weaknesses in the market, and identify how to stand out.

  • 03

    Stakeholder Plan

    Can you run your personal business by yourself? Would you prefer to have partners? Understand the value exchanged between you and them, and make decisions about your plans for distribution.

  • 04

    Business Model & Marketing

    Understand and choose what business model is best for you, learn about your marketing funnel, and estimate your customer acquisition cost.

  • 05

    Pricing & Business Viability

    Build pricing strategies and choose the best one for you, gather the information you need to set a price, and estimate the revenue value of your customers over time.

  • 06

    Impact Plan

    Discover the broader system you operate within and map out how to adapt it, define clear mission and vision, and plan how you will measure your business’ impact.

  • 07

    Financial Projections

    Calculate the costs you'll need to cover to launch, learn how to forecast financial scenarios, and understand the sales targets you'll need to reach to stay in business.

  • 08

    Growth Plan

    Articulate your long term goals, set objectives for your first year and draft the plan to reach it, and identify risks in order to set strategies.

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