Secondary source of income for ARTISTS

When your first source of income as a performing artist is not working, it is the moment to pivot to plan B.  


Every artist has a unique set of talents and life experiences. Those skills fill your personal

luggage with valuable knowledge and expertise.


PAi encourages artists to pivot and envision an innovative personal business fully adapted to their special skills and their ART, in order to build a secondary source of income.


The artist finds a brand new artistic purpose and puts it at the service of others.


PAi offers mentorship to simplify the rollercoaster of creating a personal business through an assisted development, and peer support. 

Creation needs Incubation

Don't fear CHANGE...

embrace it

The performing artist of the 21st century has to evolve to become an entrepreneur.

Nowadays, performance artists had to confront several obstacles to maintain a steady source of income due to the global crisis we are living in.


Public performances have suddenly stopped affecting Music, Theater, Dance, and every other art that needs a stage to reach an audience.


Take the

Quantum Leap

Create a new source of income based on your unique set of abilities.


Our Online Incubation Program is designed by entrepreneurs to build business plans for new artistic projects.


Conceive a new business model based on your exceptional unique set of skills and talents


Work through our 8 tools to develop different aspects of your art project plan


At the end of the program, you can present your art business plan to investors, or launch your project yourself