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Our purpose is to CONNECT the most ambitious like-minded, driven, innovative individuals from the Performing Arts Industry: Music, Opera, Dance, Drama, Magic, Oratory and Circus Arts.

We are a wide eclectic group of open minds all willing to ask each other:

What can I do for you?


Showcase Your Project

If you are an entrepreneurially-minded artist who likes to push the boundaries and create new art projects that may break the paradigm. PAi offers you the platform.

PAi showcases your art projects, products, or services to spark collaboration and connect through a dynamic social ecosystem in our social media.


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You need the collaboration of everyone to make your dreams come true.


Spotlight works under a simple premise, our community follows you and you follow everyone.

Send us your COLOR PORTRAIT and 2 photographs 1:1 to be featured in PAi's social media.

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Join a vibrant community of fellow artists, and instead of asking for help,



Artists are seeking a broader audience constantly. They know that collaboration, feedback, networking is valuable to reach new opportunities.


PAi Spotlight offers a free tool to find and connect talent around the world based on the idea of serving others.


What happens when you focus on serving? Here are four key things:


1. Serving creates purpose

When you meet artists because you are centered on them your purpose is found.  Networking helps you to get a fresh vision and purpose for your art project. You can find other artists through our social media not only to connect and collaborate but to serve them sharing your knowledge.


2. Serving creates value for you and for others

We live in a world where you can be famous for being famous. The popularity of social media faces is misleading us. What have they created? What value have they brought to the world? So, it’s easy to buy into the promise that “If you want to attract new audiences, or build something, you have to make yourself visible. At PAi, we believe that serving other artists is about making ourselves available. That creates real value and Giving Value Lasts.


3. Serving creates provision for you and for others

“The Best Networking Plan” for your ideas or art projects comes through genuine love, generosity, and care for others. When you build relationships on those themes without strings attached — you open up a stream of a provision that flows both ways.


4. Serving changes the world because it changes others 

We all want to leave a mark. But sometimes our art projects seem so out of reach — they are beyond our education, beyond our age, abilities, resources, and our networks. What is the key? INCUBATION.


Becoming an active PAi member is the first step. In a world filled with hate and disconnection, SERVING OTHERS by conscious networking is the key to changing the paradigm.


This way of thinking we call it:



Take the

Quantum Leap 

Create a new source of income based on your unique set of abilities.


Our Online Incubation Program is designed by entrepreneurs to build business for Arts


Conceive a new business model based on your exceptional unique set of skills and talents


Work through our 8 tools to develop different aspects of your art project plan


At the end of the program, you can present your art enterprise to investors, or launch your project yourself